Talent Strategy
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Talent is the flourishing of the base, the development of the country. Work is a matter of talent woqiquan reform and development a major and urgent strategic task. The deepening of economic globalization in the world today, the rapid development of science and technology, personnel situation more decisive role in the enterprise competition, human resources has become the most important strategic resource. Faced with the increasingly fierce market competition and talent competition, woqiquan to win the initiative to gain advantage, grow and enhance their competitiveness, we must further strengthen and improve the human resources work, vigorously develop human resources, and take the road of talent thriving enterprise, which is building an international urgent need to modernize woqiquan level, but also to promote woqiquan rapid, sustained and healthy development of an important guarantee.
     woqiquan will strengthen ideological and guide the work of personnel, adhere to the way personnel training principles and market allocation of human resources, methods combine to adhere to the people-oriented concept, the implementation of "talent thriving enterprise" strategy, in order to strengthen the capacity building of human resources for the core to innovation personnel working mechanism of power, in order to optimize the structure of the main line personnel to training and selection of high-level personnel as the key to strengthening incentives for breakthrough talent, seize training, attracting and with good talent three key links, strengthen management, expertise, post operation three talents, and strive to all kinds of talents converge to build an international level of modernization woqiquan up grand cause, to promote woqiquan rapid, sustained and healthy development of a strong and effective personnel and intellectual support.
     woqiquan main measures to strengthen human resources work:
     1, the scientific development of talent development strategy.
     2, increase efforts to train personnel.
     3, improve the personnel evaluation system.
     4. The only way to use innovative selection.
     5, adjust and optimize the allocation of talent.
     6, establish and improve the incentive mechanism.
     7, to create a good environment for qualified personnel.