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woqiquan Electronic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
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woqiquan Electronic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a professional electrician electrical business, the company's products strictly related to the concept and regulate the production and marketing of products in accordance with ISO9002 system products, European CE, IQNET, ROHS environmental certification; the Company EPS fire power and Fire Control products in strict accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Public fire certification production and sales (through the relevant certification). Is approved by the relevant state registration of Chinese enterprises. Professional production and sales "Vastpower" brand of UPS, EPS fire emergency power, AC, DC power supply, power inverter, power inverter, DC panel, generator, solar power systems, batteries, fire warning systems, the company marketing department located in the western suburbs of Cape Point Road business District, Shanghai, China 365, Lane 51. woqiquan Electronic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in the "customer first, honesty first" principle, and domestic and foreign enterprises to establish a long-term relationship. Warmly welcome friends to visit, study, business negotiations.
   Our company and is the only authorized US-Star Group for the Shanghai office, solely responsible for (Prostar) UPS power supply, EPS emergency power, solar, batteries, power inverters in Shanghai and surrounding areas such as marketing and after-sales service centers.
   In addition, the commission authorized by domestic industries and enterprises solely responsible for Jin Wushi battery, ups so the whole family, Powerware power supply and a full range of product sales and service work in Shanghai and surrounding areas.