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Be tolerant to diversity, to Germany first! woqiquan established a customer service system with comprehensive, high-quality, specification. Toll Free 4000-818-009 24 hours, the first time answering questions for users; pre - woqiquan with top technical team to the electrical environment for users and equipment requirements, provide personalized power solutions; sale - woqiquan will send professionals will provide user training and many other aspects of the actual operation, and maintain close contact with the user, at any time in response to user requirements. Service stations across the country will be regular users of the equipment for testing and maintenance. Users in product use, encounter any problems, woqiquan guarantee to respond within 24 hours, and provide timely and quality service.
     Over the years, woqiquan always thought to provide excellent customer service to enhance their core competitiveness as the goal, with a good reputation in the industry and distribution units to establish a good and close relations of cooperation, training a large number of well-trained professional and technical services staff service system and improving. Has been established in the country six maintenance and spare parts center, the major, in 30 cities with the immediate customer service stations, woqiquan service footprint throughout every corner of the country.
woqiquan established the country's largest technical training center in Yangzhou, on a regular basis throughout the technical staff of professional training and rigorous assessment. Currently, woqiquan various outlets are authorized service engineer. For each repair outlets, with the exception of first-class maintenance, testing equipment, with adequate long-term maintenance of spare parts, to ensure high-quality comprehensive services, and high efficiency.
     Three-year warranty
     1, buy woqiquan power products can enjoy three-year warranty.
     2, more than the warranty period woqiquan power products, customers can still enjoy woqiquan perfecting service.
     For users in a timely, easy access to service, woqiquan Quanguolianbao power products. Whether you buy woqiquan power products where can apply to your nearest Customer Service Department woqiquan Application Service
     Inspection Service (surcharge)
     woqiquan service personnel will be conducted in accordance with the service contract inspection services, sold woqiquan power products for maintenance and repair, identify problems, spot solve.
     Other services (fee)
     Including related product installation and maintenance training, battery replacement and installation, hardware and software upgrades, battery monitoring and other services.
     Inspection content
     1, the detection power supply environment and the use of products woqiquan
     2, to provide power products using woqiquan report
     3, site to answer questions and user training
     4, to provide matching proposals woqiquan power products
     Service outlets across the country
    Each woqiquan service stations are equipped with a maintenance staff has a wealth of experience and expertise, and sufficient spare parts products to solve traffic problems in remote areas and user maintenance problems. Service outlets, please click here to inquire about a specific address.
     24-hour service hotline
     woqiquan opened the 400 toll-free hotline, user-friendly woqiquan services, products, technology, business consulting and other issues; the user can always dial woqiquan hotline to resolve issues related to the supply of products to buy, use and maintenance encountered .
     400 service hotline: 4000-888-888
     24/48 hour rapid response system
     When woqiquan machine fails, as long as you and woqiquan to contact the company in response to the city 24 hours, 48 hours in response to the field, enjoy woqiquan fast and accurate professional services.
     (For the special requirements of industry users, woqiquan specific projects the company may offer special services firm commitment .woqiquan above Pledge has the final say)