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woqiquan committed to becoming the world's leading power supply solutions, woqiquan has unique advantages, including professional skills, experience, intensive research and deep consumer understanding and insight. woqiquan full range of power supply products, including industrial-type UPS, High Frequency UPS, backup type UPS, line interactive UPS, Fire lighting type EPS, inverter powered EPS, power / lighting hybrid EPS, inverters, sealed maintenance-free batteries, photovoltaic solar modules, etc., for the industry / business users to provide integrated power supply solutions to help client companies, educational institutions, government departments, such as the power industry to provide a safe, stable and reliable power protection, run innovative and complex each kinds of industrial applications.



Different industries, different sizes, different solutions to meet their unique needs. woqiquan provide users with more targeted industry sectors solutions to meet the different needs of enterprises. Solutions cover all sectors of business, is a catalyst for business success, reduce overall operating costs, open up new market opportunities.





After many years, woqiquan addition to proven practices related to the core areas, has a wealth of experience, in the face of a number of industry-specific issues and innovative solutions has also demonstrated a deep skill. Our goal is to optimize your business procedures and internal processes so that you can make better business operations.







woqiquan technology solutions to woqiquan mature technology, customized development according to the special needs of customers, to achieve the desired goals.