High-frequency DC switching power supply
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  • product name:WK high-frequency DC switching power supply
  • product type:High-frequency DC switching power supply
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WK series is a high frequency dc switching power supply (hereinafter referred to as "power"), is my company after several years research of new achievements. Power supply has small volume, light weight, high efficiency characteristics. Power source adopts the new high frequency modulation technology, the broadening of switch power supply voltage and current, to achieve a wide range of voltage and current regulation, to expand the application fields of switch power supply. Power supply control chip adopted at present more mature import components, the power of the power components are newly developed high power devices in the world. Solved the multi-tube parallel, reliability is not high question, process more reasonable. Single maximum output power can be up to 10 kw, weaver power output can reach 40 kw, maximum output voltage 600 v, output current is 1000 a. With RS232 / RS485 communication interface, which can realize remote voltage, current regulation and monitoring.
WK series dc switching power supply is mainly used in high frequency, a direct current (dc) motor factory running-in process, aging resistance, automobile air conditioner motor testing resistor factory, capacitance can assign a capacitor factory, electroplating factory electroplating process, as well as factories, universities and colleges, laboratories and other occasions.

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