Programmable Programmable DC Power Supply
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  • product name:EK-PGC Series Programmable Programmable DC Power
  • product type:Programmable Programmable DC Power Supply
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EK-PGC Series Programmable Programmable DC power supply, the entire system is fully controlled by a microprocessor (MCU), so higher resolution available data input and accuracy, the system is fully controlled by the touch screen, fast, accurate and easy. You can also easily use the communication interface (RS-485) to communicate with the computer, to meet user demand for automated testing and automatic control. Adjust the voltage / current, by software correction, not on human error, making the instrument more accurate. Over-voltage, over-current protection, fully programmable by software detected by the hardware, can achieve fast and accurate protection.
► Features
♦ Programmable digital programmable power supply;
♦ touch-screen display control;
♦ Single adjustable output, dual adjustable output;
♦ clear and simple user interface;
♦ high stability, low drift;
♦ over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature protection, multiple protection methods;
♦ warning buzzer;
♦ Accurate calibration software;
♦ 5 group routine set memory storage;
♦ 10 time programmable output vector;
♦ RS485 communication protocol.

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