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IDC data center etc. With the rapid development of business, the business of the importance and availability requirements gradually increase the power supply system in the past availability requirements of 99.9% to 99.999% of the plan for the use of stand-alone UPS work, or series UPS work, or N + 1 parallel operation. 99.9% to 99.999% availability, the annual average of unavailable time 8.76 hours to 5.3 minutes, obviously can not meet the requirements of this downtime current IDC and other data centers. To improve the availability of the data center, you must upgrade the UPS reliability, increase the availability of complete UPS power supply system. UPS power supply scheme in single or tandem program UPS or UPS parallel programs are single points of failure exist output bottlenecks.
IDC research shows that the United States, in the UPS, the largest factor affecting the reliability of power supply that the output power distribution systems, including switch trip, insurance burned, short circuit and other power supply circuit failure: 79% from between the UPS output and the load failure on the supply line (insurance "burned" circuit breaker "tripped" load "short", by the construction / rat bite caused by "open" failure, etc.); 11 percent from the UPS and battery pack; other failures accounted for 10 %.
To troubleshoot power distribution circuit, it is necessary to power servers and other equipment is configured to N + X redundant power systems, such as 1 + 1 power supply module. Power redundant servers with duplicate or multiple copies of the general hot-swappable power supplies. During normal operation, each part of the average output power of the power supply, so that each load power supply are in a relaxed state, it is a good power supply stability. If one of them fails, another will take over the work of several servers without any influence of the situation, and by the light or audible alarm. At this point, you can replace a damaged power without shutting down the system's premise, so the use of hot-swappable redundant power supplies to avoid downtime and system damage due to power generated.
In line with the server power configuration, the best IDC data center power supply scheme should adopt dual-bus power system consisting of dual UPS, power supply circuit to solve the bottleneck of a single point of failure.
Obviously, the best double bus with dual redundant power supply system consisting of such dual UPS, and equipment such as servers to achieve, at the same time solve the problem of the failure probability of 79% power. In addition, dual-bus UPS system consisting of dual UPS, the system can achieve online capacity expansion, online maintenance requirements.
For single-supply network switches and other equipment, the use of static power switch STS, when one UPS or circuit failure, STS seamlessly switch to another all the way to the UPS back on the road, also provides a dual power supply for a single power supply.
woqiquan energy company as a supplier of network-end total solution, providing high reliability of power supply solutions for China's IDC data center.
Large data center infrastructure systems mainly divided power, environmental control room monitoring and management system. As the data center hosting the core business enterprises, institutions of higher importance. Thus the data center is generally based on the standard TIA942 Tier4 and Tier3 standard construction, more than 99.999% reliability requirements to ensure that most abnormal and normal maintenance failure, the data center is working properly, the core business is not affected.
1, the power system
City usually use multiple power backup for each other, and the room has a dedicated diesel generator system as a backup power system, between the mains, between the mains power supply and diesel generators switched by ATS (automatic transfer switch), for the data center within the UPS (uninterruptible power supply), room air-conditioning, lighting and other equipment supply.
Because of the importance of data center operations, usually double bus or redundant power supply scheme and machine meet medium-sized data center servers and other IT equipment power requirements and high reliability. Dual-bus power system, there are two separate UPS power supply system (including the UPS distribution system), in either a bus powered (power supply system) require maintenance or failure of the normal power supply can not be the case, another set of powered buses still bear all load, to ensure the supply room service, ensure that the data center business is not affected. Redundancy and power supply systems, using UPS redundancy and ways to improve the reliability of the power supply system to ensure data center power.
In the UPS output to between servers and other IT equipment input, use SPM (Server Power Manager) for power distribution and power management, power monitoring and management of each cabinet, to improve power system reliability and manageability. For the dual power of servers and other IT equipment can be introduced by SPM directly from the two bus double bus power supply system can ensure high reliability of its electricity. For single-channel power of servers and other IT equipment, usually selected STS (Static Transfer Switch) switch for selecting a power supply bus. When power supply is normal bus can not, STS will automatically switch quickly to another set of normal bus power supply to ensure reliable electricity servers and other IT equipment.
2, the environmental control system
Room precision air conditioning is usually used to adjust the data center environment, to ensure that the operating environment servers and other IT equipment. For the heat capacity of servers and other IT equipment, usually used Qualcomm porosity (typically greater than 70%) Net Confucian cabinet, increase the amount of wind out of the cabinet; the cabinet face to face, back to back arrangement, the formation of hot and cold air duct isolation in the engine room, improve the cooling efficiency; air conditioning with air under way to ensure that the room air evenly, improve the cooling efficiency.
In some occasions, especially high power density (heat than 5kw / cabinet), often prone to local hot spots, forming a hidden faults. To eliminate local hot spots, we need a corresponding high heat density solutions, such as open-plan is the installation of refrigeration terminal XD at local hot spots occur at strengthening local cooling capacity to eliminate local hot spots; Enclosed is the high power density equipment program placed in an enclosed cabinet, the cabinet through the refrigeration cycle, the high efficiency of the refrigeration heat.
3, room monitoring and management system
Data centers need to power, air conditioning and other equipment running state management, but also the need for the engine room environment, such as temperature, humidity, water leakage, smoke and other parameters were monitored to ensure the normal range of a data center. And data center equipment operating parameters and the amount of real-time monitoring and management of the environment, while the remote monitoring and management, and the room unattended.
woqiquan recommended Neptune (Neptune) series of three single out industrial-type UPS and Uranus (Uranus) series of three three industrial-type UPS, the two products are used with standard type built-in output isolation transformers, static bypass switch and manual service switch, making this series UPS has a very high short circuit capacity, can be applied to the harshest environments. Also with perfect protection function: and there is AC input over, under voltage, output over, under voltage, output overload, short circuit protection, inverter, rectifier over-temperature protection, under-voltage warning, battery overcharge protection and other protection in one, to ensure the stability and reliability of the system operation.
Neptune (Neptune) series of three single out industrial-type UPS and Uranus (Uranus) series of three three Industrial UPS UPS directly to a maximum of eight and machine. Flexible and machine technology can be applied to different loads and systems, according to customer demand constitute N + 1 or N + X architecture work, but also according to the different needs of customers, different capacity and random eight machines, by parallel redundancy all UPS system to the average burden on the system load, parallel redundant UPS system in any one fails, the remaining UPS immediately share their load, to ensure the normal operation of the system. And parallel process, do not deliberately set by the host backup machine, but flexible with customer selected, the first opening of the machine is automatically set to the host when the host system failure, the host identity immediately transferred to another machine up, thus ensuring the supply of electricity customers in the course, and become a true uninterruptible power supply.