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The rapid development in information technology today, people dependent on the network, the computer more and more, especially in the education sector this tree people, the current field of education in many cities have established their own information network, to cutting-edge information technology campus to build a perfect "nervous system."
In the exchange of information, sharing of resources, when the security and stability of the background motivation is to ensure the necessary conditions for the flow of information, due to the merits of the various regions of the power environment is very different from, for teaching and research facilities, "blood" of the electricity infrastructure becomes particularly critical. Prostar UPS as power quality and management solutions provider, has over ten years of experience and dedication to the education sector a series of high-quality power protection solutions, can completely remove the customer's worries, so that educational institutions rely on the strong backing, easily manage information technology.
Specifically, the school information center network infrastructure is undoubtedly the power to protect the focus area. As a network of "central hub", a sudden power interruption will cause network traffic, while damage to switches, servers and other hardware devices; power quality can also lead to poor network equipment hardware damage or accelerated aging, increasing the error rate of data transfer, increase the burden on the network transmission. Equally serious power quality problems can cause your computer to crash the device. Therefore, the information center line often require high-power UPS protection switches, routers, servers and other information equipment. Prostar UPS provides pure online Uranus Series Industrial UPS single and parallel redundancy schemes, can be very good to meet the critical data servers and storage devices require power protection under the campus environment.

In addition, the education sector users want to minimize system complexity, system management and maintenance savings invested in manpower and material resources. For campus teaching buildings, office buildings, and multimedia classrooms and other areas of distribution of numerous office and teaching with computers, communications and multimedia devices, such as high-end computer, entry-level servers and workgroup servers, ProstarUPS standard isolation transformers, as well as filtering and anti-pulse interference and other advanced features, can absorb spikes, surges and other mains interference, high voltage accuracy, especially suitable for areas with poor electricity environment, along with the remote monitoring and management capabilities, is the best choice for users!