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More than 30,000 of our existing hospitals, more than 50,000 epidemic prevention station, which is three more than 6000 hospitals, health care system reform led to the pace of development of information technology in these institutions. Medical information refers to the full use of computer, communications, multimedia networks and other information technology, high-quality, high efficiency, personalized medical services. Through the implementation of information management systems to provide patients with treatment tailored services to simplify the reservation, bed assignment, case inquiries, payments and other traditional hospital diagnosis to the inherent red tape, thereby improving patient satisfaction. Hospital management systems through e-simplify internal administrative, financial and procurement processes, greatly improving the efficiency and reducing costs.
The hospital has a large number of digital medical equipment, such as CT, MRI, CR, biochemical analyzer, monitoring equipment, and some even these devices is an information system is an important source of patient medical information, we must ensure that seven days a week, day 24 hours of availability, not a single minute of downtime occurs, and, most of these devices require high quality power supply. As a leader in the field of power protection, woqiquan power protection companies from rich experience in the financial, telecommunications, government, education, transportation and other areas accumulated, introduced for domestic medical institutions to use the 6000 Series Industrial UPS power protection solutions for the healthcare industry, provides excellent power guarantee, reliability, availability, manageability features, with woqiquan company provides a feature-rich options and professional services that help healthcare institution building permanent uninterrupted power to protect the environment.
woqiquan R & D production of the 6000 Series Industrial UPS uses a double conversion online technology, built-in output isolation transformer, to achieve zero switching time and output voltage and frequency tuning, which is higher than 0.95 input power factor correction effectively avoid the grid voltage volatility and the adverse effects of interference. The output voltage can be adjusted so that the device can run on a wider range of mains voltage environment to ensure effective integration with a variety of types of grid environments. In addition, a powerful all-weather EMI / RFI filters can eliminate data errors caused by line noise, thus creating a good performance, secure and reliable network environment.
6000 Series Industrial UPSUPS has good high availability, delay power uptime guarantee a strong system of different devices and applications running on the uninterruptible power supply requirements, automatic bypass switch feature allows the system in the event of overload or internal fault still normal operation, ensuring business sustainability, optional large input voltage range (160-280V) can reduce the frequency of use of the battery to increase battery life in the harsh conditions of the grid area, can still ensure that the system run freely. Instructions and surge protection can always prevent equipment damage caused by sudden power accident, while highly intelligent power protection Power Mager management system for remote monitoring and original self-test operation, and time on the system and the load circuit inspection, so that preventive measures, greatly enhance the stability and reliability of the system.
6000 Series Industrial UPS for the medical industry can save users a great display space power equipment. Fashion simple design to reflect a unique charisma king of the wind, the base casters stent design ensures strong power body stable. In addition, user-friendly front-end design of the fuselage LED LCD panel enables a variety of startup, shut down the power button to complete a task, real-time monitoring of power consumption, the load capacity of a variety of working conditions, the voltage status, bypass, etc., easy to operate, at a glance. Various types of input, output, remote communication interfaces ranging body back body, while an additional battery pack is connected with industry-standard connectors, fully functional, safe and reliable.
Hospital information technology development to undergo hospital management information (HIS) stage, clinical management of information technology (CIS) stage, local health services (GMIS) in three stages, and Prostar UPS power solutions for the healthcare industry, can fully meet the development under the circumstances demand, creating an uninterruptible power supply to protect the environment of 7 × 24.