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UPS taxation industry needs is woqiquan company has developed and manufactured UPS power supply on the basis of experience, industry equipment designed specifically for the taxation of low-power high-performance uninterruptible power supply "5000 Series high frequency type UPS". This series machine structure is simple, using the built-in high-capacity battery and the bottom of the wheel structure, external battery back-up time-lapse between design. Easy to move and the actual situation plus hang extend battery backup time; superior performance, safety and reliability, with a comprehensive automatic protection function, can provide clean, stable AC power for uninterrupted taxation, lottery equipment. After the mains is normal, UPS mains filtered, peak voltage surge absorption and processing power for equipment; when the mains failure (including mains power, mains over / under voltage), UPS battery switch inverter operating mode, continuous power to the system, so as to effectively ensure the continuity of operation of the system, failure of the city from interference. When utility power failure occurs, which results in a long time because the battery voltage UPS automatic shutdown protection, automatic charging after utility power is restored to normal, without manual operation, with unattended features. The machine is equipped with a large current high frequency charger, battery shortens the time to replenish their energy, improved battery life, maximizing the spare time to ensure normal system operations.
Recommend to taxation industry uses 5000 Series High Frequency UPS preferred high-performance components, integration of advanced manufacturing technology and control technology, set the perfect lightning protection, battery protection in one, suitable for all occasions, can effectively protect system. This series of UPS is the best choice for taxation of industry users, to provide uninterrupted power supply protection and taxation systems.
The taxation information center is an important information resource sector finances and the Inland Revenue transmission, to ensure the normal power supply in any case, is an important foundation for secure transmission of information. To do this with a UPS system around the city, county bureau. UPS is all over the city, county bureau guarantee a stable and continuous supply of vital equipment, because of its high degree of intelligence, energy storage equipment maintenance-free batteries, so the operation of the system is often overlooked maintenance and repair. In fact, the maintenance of good or bad, has a great influence on the life and failure rate of the power supply.
Around the city, county office equipment configurations and system capacity model is different, but the principle and main functions basically the same. UPS type selection in each place chosen frequency on-line, this is because the frequency on-line UPS systems with zero time for all types of power switch, strong impact, the length of time their power supply options, and has a steady voltage, frequency stabilization, purification characteristics. Automatic bypass function when the UPS system itself fails, can be manually bypassed when needed maintenance, so maintenance, supply each other. In the power of choice, around the city, county bureau have chosen medium and large power systems.
So woqiquan recommends configurations:
1, various outlets because the equipment used less power, it is recommended to use woqiquan "5000 Series High Frequency UPS" UPS power supply.
2, while the country-level cities, county Bureau Information Center because the larger the higher the degree of importance, more equipment to use, it is recommended to use woqiquan "6000 Series Industrial UPS and Uranus (Uranus) Series Industrial UPS" to meet the needs of users.