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Human society has entered the information age, also known as network era. Internet, the rapid development of computer network and a variety of communication network so that the network has become the new social living space. Advent of the Internet has not only changed the mode of production and way of life, but also led to the disappearance of warfare changes, expanding the boundaries of the traditional military security battle space. Network, following the air, land, sea, space, power, making it the sixth-dimensional battlefield. In the information age, the network of information systems has become an important symbol and pillar of national economic construction and defense forces, the national army and most of the information activities are carried out in the network to handle the business through the Internet and LAN from the stand-alone computer networks has almost ceased to exist. In a sense, the network system has become the core and key military construction from mechanization to information technology transformation. Rise and widespread application of the network, making the information network security issues become increasingly prominent, has become one of the important areas of national and military security needed attention. Because of the military information network requirements are strictly confidential and secure, so the composition of information network data room must be equipped with UPS, guarantee their safety and stable operation.
Because of the importance of information technology army of UPS uninterruptible power supply requirements are very strict, woqiquan recommended Uranus (Uranus) Series Industrial UPS N + 1 redundancy and system, can provide customers with high-reliability power supply system, so the parallel program points and recommended indicators are as follows:
1, UPS recommends direct parallel, without increasing and cabinets, has built-in automatic bypass and maintenance bypass. Users save floor space, reduce purchasing costs and for future expansion.
2, requires high precision parallel current standards, so that all UPS units unbalanced load <2%, circulation <1A.
3, and the machine must ring signal bus connections, simple and reliable, automatic redundancy.
4, between the UPS units can automatically coordinate, users do not need to focus on the boot sequence; the overload switch to bypass the system can automatically recover; even after the failure of a station out of operation UPS, UPS still remaining stable operation.
We have reason to believe, woqiquan UPS power supply system will also provide a strong power protection with higher quality and more reliable power solutions for the military.