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A typical LAN or campus network for SMEs generally have the following equipment: two 8-way NT server, a network management station, a network center switches, routers, part of the low-end PC servers and network CD image server. As another example, finance, insurance branches (such as charge d'affaires, savings) and other general office environment, there may be 10-30 or so a PC, two PC servers, several terminals, network printer (some may lean with external server), CD-ROM or CD-ROM library tower, external hard drives and other equipment, consisting of a scale is not large LAN, but the system as well as fax machines, photocopiers and small telephone switches and other equipment.
LAN clients most likely to perceive the power problem is power outages, followed by the mains voltage is too low (eg less than 150V) or too high (eg higher than 260V). The power failure will cause the LAN switches, routers, servers and data storage, and other devices can not work continuously.
Others, such as power surge, the line noise and harmonic distortion, frequency drift, transient spikes, and other waveform intermittent power failures, although customers imperceptible, but it is most frequently occurs, the customer is the most damage to equipment problems.
Pollution is caused by various types of power network operation blocked, mainly due to poor data transmission, such as harmonics, surges and noise, greatly increasing the error rate of data transmission network system, resulting in a serious decline in network data transfer rates, enabling customers to network less than the design requirements, resulting in the loss of customers' investments. And lightning, inductive load switching transient spikes, such as high-voltage pulse caused damage will result in system hardware, such as power, disk, hard disk drives. In the LAN, the value of the stored data is usually much higher than that of the hardware costs.
In addition, the need to be further noted that, since the number of multi-node local area network, and each node may be scattered in different locations, so that there will be located in different locations of multiple power supplies require maintenance. Practice has proved that the use of the network for centralized monitoring of UPS, is the best way to maintain the LAN power. Customers can timely, accurate and comprehensive understanding of the operational status of the power outlets in one place, significantly reducing maintenance costs.
From a user's perspective, they are for power protection requirements are: first, to provide backup power to prevent damage caused by sudden power; secondly, eliminating the "pollution" of the power supply system surge, noise, voltage drop and so be improvement, improve power quality, so the computer electronic components from the devastating damage; third, after the entire data path protection, improve network availability; fourth, centrally monitored.
In short, the LAN must have uninterrupted power supply function, purification and centralized monitoring.
Here, we introduce the corporate LAN UPS UPS solutions.
UPS power supply planning program performance factors to consider include product reliability, operability, maintainability, scalability, manageability. For enterprise LAN, should adopt a centralized power supply, all load equipment, all powered by a UPS system. Depending on the load, UPS host can use the 6000 Series Industrial UPS, and configure woqiquan company's remote monitoring and network adapters.
6000 Series Industrial UPS uses the most advanced IGBT technology with high-frequency pulse width modulation (PWM) combine to ensure that customers can get high quality output voltage and the highest efficiency in a variety of work load. Advanced modular design to reduce the average time to repair (MTTR), the best maintenance. Using the most advanced technology of phase equilibrium, stability, and still work, even in the case of phase, and is particularly suitable for many power environment is harsher place to work. Double-conversion, online pure sine wave output, low distortion output pure sine wave power, the power to provide the best protection for the user load equipment. Output with isolation transformer, ensure that the load and utility grid full isolation.
6000 Series Industrial UPS Standard output isolation transformer, ensure that the load and utility grid full isolation, the machine is equipped with an isolation transformer, the load does not appear in the DC component, can effectively protect your computer, switching power supply network and communications equipment is not DC current damage. Meanwhile, the non-linear loads, but also exhibit excellent dynamic performance, improved load capacity of the machine, and load compatibility.