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In recent years, our country has hosted national and international integrated events, such as: 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2009 Tenth National Games, the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games in 2010, each company will have woqiquan uninterruptible power supply products and services to various venues. The most classic stories such as: Beijing Wukesong Olympic Basketball Stadium, Laoshan Cycling Stadium, Olympic Park Tennis Center; Tenth National Games in Shandong Heze stadium; Shanghai World Expo security center; Guangzhou Asian Games Huangpu gymnasium.
woqiquan company in recent years for the major sports venues service has a very rich experience, stadiums UPS power supply is mainly used in power distribution room, and electrical equipment are mainly two types of monitoring for sports venues, such electrical equipment, mostly small and medium-power UPS power supply to meet the requirements; and the other outside the electrical equipment that is metal halide, one of the biggest stadiums electricity equipment such electrical equipment, metal halide mainly used in the stadium lighting, because of the particularity metal halide, because once power off, reboot takes a long time, if a power outage occurs during the race, it will greatly affect the continuity of the game and fairness.
In order to ensure continuity of supply metal halide in the metal halide distribution systems are used in all on-line UPS, this program is technically feasible. However, the design should pay attention to the following questions:
1, UPS power supply as an intermediate power supply input power is necessary to meet the targets, but also to meet the requirements of the characteristics of the load side of the metal halide.
2, the power should not exceed the sum of the metal halide lamp 50% UPS total power, in order to reduce the current impact, should be grouped into metal halide lamps, each capacity of not more than 15% of installed capacity, the interval should be invested in each group greater than one minute.
3, UPS power supply equipment overcurrent protection devices should be time-current characteristic parameters of the distribution network of overcurrent protective devices fitted, sensitivity and selectivity required to meet the "low-voltage power distribution design specifications" set forth in the same distribution the system should not duplicate set of protective devices, so as not to increase the scope of power outages.
4, in order to improve the reliability, UPS power supply needs some work has nothing to do with metal halide lamps and signal protection devices should be removed.
5, UPS power supply manufacturer should provide reliable indicators of equipment devices for safe operation.
6, UPS power supply manufacturer shall provide maintenance to run the program as a metal halide lamp for long periods at work to ensure that equipment and battery performance intact.
7, the ambient temperature of UPS demanding, the design should be installed reliable ventilation or air-conditioning equipment to ensure that the required equipment does not exceed the ambient temperature.
8, part of UPS DC system shall meet the current specification relating to the implementation of the device.
Taking these problems, woqiquan recommended Uranus (Uranus) Series Industrial UPS, the product is equipped with a standard type built-in output isolation transformers, static switch and manual maintenance bypass switch, making this series UPS has a very high short circuit capacity, can be applied in the harshest environments. Also with perfect protection function: and there is AC input over, under voltage, output over, under voltage, output overload, short circuit protection, inverter, rectifier over-temperature protection, under-voltage warning, battery overcharge protection and other protection in one, to ensure the stability and reliability of the system operation.
Uranus (Uranus) Series Industrial UPS 8 units can be directly and machine, convenient and quick. Flexible and machine technology can be applied to different loads and systems, according to customer demand constitute N + 1 or N + X architecture work, but also according to the different needs of customers, different capacity and random eight machines, by parallel redundancy all UPS system to the average burden on the system load, parallel redundant UPS system in any one fails, the remaining UPS immediately share their load, to ensure the normal operation of the system. And parallel process, do not deliberately set by the host backup machine, but flexible with customer selected, the first opening of the machine is automatically set to the host when the host system failure, the host identity immediately transferred to another machine up, thus ensuring the supply of electricity customers in the course, and become a true uninterruptible power supply.