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With the increasing role of the retail business in the national economy, the expansion of the contribution rate of economic growth, the retailer has started to become a pilot to guide the production and consumption-oriented industries. In addition, due to the country's economic crisis, often through retail sales crisis manifested, so prosperous development of the retail business has become the country's economic boom of the necessary conditions for sustained development. China's position in the retail market in the world is rising, the retail sales of the world's retail market share has been increased to 5.1% in 2000 to 9.9% in 2007.
Retail commercial scale growing degree, the degree of organization continues to improve, sales volume accounted for more than 11 chain hundred percent of the total retail sales of social consumer goods; chain forms, Direct to join, franchising and common development, supermarkets, convenience stores, shopping centers, department stores, industry types supermarkets, warehouse stores, specialty store, the store continues to grow, involving multiple industries; chain business in the bigger and stronger, while also gradually, has grown into China's retail industry the dominant force, and the emergence of two Gome and Suning Appliance retailers. Especially with the opening up of the retail market, a number of internationally renowned transnational retail giants such as Wal-Mart, Carrefour of France, the Netherlands, the United States, this industry Makro etc seize the Chinese market.
In addition to the several major formats for non-store business is characterized by a web technology-based E-Shop in China has also been a great development. In bookstores, for example, in recent years, have set up online bookstore, the rapid rise of the National Book Network, Dangdang bookstore, book store and a number of special seats online bookstore, bookstore operators take full advantage of Internet technology, the advantages of a wide range of absorption of other formats, showing good development trend. Meanwhile, some traditional retail institutions have established network operators, take full advantage of Internet technology to carry out online sales. Although due to the limitation of individual credit system and means of payment, the conditions of large-scale e-commerce is not yet available, but e-commerce is undoubtedly the darling of the era of knowledge economy and the Internet era, reflecting the future trend of development. Meanwhile, television outlets, vending machine sales, 24-hour shop and uniform price shop and other new formats have appeared in some Chinese cities, increasingly shows the characteristics of diverse retail formats.
Due to the current electricity system operation is unstable, once cause interference or power failure, not only will protect supermarket goods and equipment cause difficulties, but also cause harm to the safety of the customer. In order to build a secure, stable hardware operating environment, the protection of the power sector as a leader, woqiquan power to protect companies from rich experience in the financial, telecommunications, government, education, transportation and other areas accumulated, introduced for the domestic retail industry to use the 6000 Series industrial UPS power protection solution that provides excellent power assurance, reliability, availability, manageability features, with woqiquan company provides a feature-rich options and professional services to help build permanent uninterrupted power protection environment.
6000 Series Industrial UPS uses the most advanced IGBT technology with high-frequency pulse width modulation (PWM) combine to ensure that customers can get high quality output voltage and the highest efficiency in a variety of work load. Advanced modular design to reduce the average time to repair (MTTR), the best maintenance. Using the most advanced technology of phase equilibrium, stability, and still work, even in the case of phase, and is particularly suitable for many power environment is harsher place to work. Double-conversion, online pure sine wave output, low distortion output pure sine wave power, the power to provide the best protection for the user load equipment. Output with isolation transformer, ensure that the load and utility grid full isolation.