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With the advancement of science and technology community, multi-platform exchange of information and the Internet intensifies, computers are becoming the central management of our daily lives, we are able to rely on a computer to do all things: personal and business documents, financial information, internet access, video, photos music, microblogging, games and so on, the computer has become an indispensable tool.
Many people think that the electricity we use, in addition to occasional outages, is continuous and stable. In fact, the system as a public utility power grid, connecting thousands of a variety of loads, including some of the larger inductive, capacitive, switching power supply load only get electricity from the grid, but will also turn resulting impact on the power grid itself, worsening the quality of the local power grid or power grid, resulting in the mains voltage waveform distortion or frequency drift. Another unexpected natural and man-made disasters, such as earthquakes, lightning, power transmission system is open or short circuit, will endanger the normal supply of electricity, thus affecting the normal workload. According to test the power of experts, and the problem often occurs grid computers and precision instruments interfere with or damage are the following:
A surge (Power Surges):
Refers to the output voltage rating of 110% higher than the RMS, and the duration of up to one or more cycles. Surge was mainly due to the large electrical equipment when the power line connected to the shutdown, the grid due to a sudden unloading produce hypertension.
2, high voltage spikes (High Voltage Spikes):
Refers to the peak up to 6000v, lasting from half to one-millionth of a second cycle (10ms) voltage. This is mainly due to lightning, arc discharge, static discharge switch operation or large electrical equipment produced.
3, transient overvoltage (Switching Transients):
Refers to the peak voltage up to 20000V, but the duration of the sector in millionths of a second to a millionth of a second pulse voltage. The main reason is similar to high-voltage spikes and damage may be caused, but the solution will be different.
4, voltage sag (Power Sags):
Refers to the mains voltage rms between low pressure between 80-85% of the rated value, and the duration of up to one to several cycles. Large equipment startup, large motor starting, or access to large power transformers can cause this problem.
5, wire noise (Electrical Line Noise):
Refers to radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EFI), and other various high-frequency interference. Actions run the motor, relays, motor controllers work, radio transmitter, microwave radiation, and electrical storms will cause line noise interference.
6, the frequency offset (Frequency Variation):
Mains frequency change means more than 3Hz. This is mainly run by the unstable emergency generators, or caused by an unstable power supply frequency.
7, continuous low voltage (Brownout) refers to your mains RMS voltage is below the rated value, and last longer. Its causes include:
Large equipment start-up and application, the main power line switch to start large motors, circuit overload.
8, mains interruption (Power Fail):
Refers to the mains is interrupted and continued the case until a few hours at least two cycles. Its causes are: circuit breaker tripped on the line, electricity supply disruptions, power failures.
For computers or servers, monitors and hosts work needs regular supply of electricity. Especially memory, higher power requirements. It is a dependency of electrical energy storage devices, the need to constantly refresh operation to maintain the stored content. Once the power failure, the saved contents immediately disappear. If a non-normal power, resulting in too late to save the information in memory to the hard drive and other storage devices, will result in the complete loss of information due to incomplete or become worthless, thus wasting a lot of work effort, time, and even cause huge economic loss. And UNIX operating systems such as, if you do not shut down properly, the system memory information is not written back to the hard disk, but also may cause system crashes, you can not start again. In addition, computer hard drives, although the application of a magnetic storage media, not because of power outages and loss of information, but a sudden power failure causes the head hard physical work being read damaged, or system files in the file system maintenance , resulting in the file allocation table errors, causing the entire hard disk scrapped. In addition, the current operating system can be set up large virtual memory, due to a sudden power failure, the system is too late to cancel the virtual memory, resulting in a hard disk in the "pieces of information", not only a waste of hard disk storage space, but also cause the machine to run slowly. Computer power supply is a rectifier power, high voltage rectifiers may cause burning. The voltage spikes and transient over-voltage and power noise and other disturbances are likely to enter through the rectifier board, affecting the normal operation of the machine, even burned host lines. In short, the power problem is a major threat to computer work. But with the increasingly important and widespread, safe and reliable power to the computer and network applications is an important issue of network design and management personnel have to seriously face. "Necessity is the first impetus for social development", in this context, UPS (uninterruptible power system) came into being, and with the development of power electronics technology, innovation, among more than a decade, not only created a new industry, and over time there will be more prosperous and bright future development.
According to IDC, 45% of all computer problems are caused by power problems; the number in China, cities blackout average of 0.5 times / month, medium-sized city of 2 times / month, small cities or towns to 4 times / month; Therefore, from the perspective of improving the power quality to a computer equipped with a UPS is very necessary. In addition, the precision of network equipment and communications equipment is not allowed to have uninterrupted power to the server as the core of the network center to be equipped with UPS is self-evident that even an ordinary computer, which uses data files after three months software value has exceeded the hardware value, so as to prevent data loss and with UPS is also very necessary.
woqiquan company for Chinese power grid environments and network system power requirements, personal computers and other small power systems specially developed 2000 series Smart (Smart) UPS.
2000 Series (Smart) UPS Smart remarkable feature is the automatic adjustment function high and low voltage (AVR), AVR can immediately be low voltage and high voltage to a safe level, so you can power shortages during overvoltage conditions of work indefinitely in most needed supply of power outages, no batteries to work properly. Other features, such as audible alarms, LED status indicators number, RS232 and USB smart communication interface, RJ11 and RJ45 surge protection interface and optional input and output power cord socket, so Smart (Smart) UPS became a protected computer against power problems and data loss continuing threat of the best equipment.
2000 series Smart (Smart) UPS to provide the most secure, reliable power protection for your business and personal computer systems. It provides backup power so you can continue to work in a short time and under circumstances somewhat of an extended outage. It also protects your device to avoid surges and spikes due to transmission lines and telephone lines spread and damaged. High-performance surge suppression will make your computer protected in the electronic noise and surge destructive appear.
2000 series Smart (Smart) UPS Features:
1) using PWM pulse width modulation technology and advanced MOSFET power devices, running more stable.
2) automatic high and low voltage adjustment function (AVR), 145Vac ~ 280Vac wide range of input power can adapt to any harsh environment.
3) Bypass socket design, can be connected to a high-load design without compromising the UPS.
4) Advanced automatic constant current charging circuit, extending battery life.
5) has a complete battery voltage, overload, short circuit protection.
6) Built-in high-quality maintenance-free valve-regulated lead-acid batteries, adequate power.
7) RS232 and USB smart communication interface, RJ11 and RJ45 surge protection interface (optional).