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In recent years, China has become "the world's manufacturing center," many international brands have entrusted domestic product manufacturers, and promote the rapid development of the overall level of China's manufacturing industry. With the bulk of the introduction of advanced production lines, many manufacturers have started to purchase UPS products to improve their electrical safety, increase productivity, reduce production costs and improve the existing working environment. Since into the market, woqiquan UPS power products has been manufacturing user's preferred brand for many domestic and international famous brands to provide goods and services. For the current reality of China's manufacturing industry, woqiquan for manufacturing companies to customize the UPS solutions, greatly improving its electrical safety, reduce production costs.
A communication control device
As all aspects of hot metal desulphurization, casting, RH turbid circulating water, feeding converter, Oxygen, mucking, dust, water cycle are adopting PLC automatic control system, automatic control of each step of the process, power fluctuations and interruptions will affect the quality of steelmaking. In order to ensure reliable operation of the system must be configured to provide pure UPS uninterruptible power supply, recommended capacity 3 ~ 100KVA.
2, power equipment
Because the motor and put the gun tilting motors and other equipment, all belong to the class motor load, the starting current is usually up to 7 to 11 times the rated current, and maintain hundreds of cycles (each cycle 20ms), the impact of the UPS's more powerful, UPS overcurrent prone. So use UPS directly with motor, UPS's rated power should be more than five times the rated power of the motor. For 70KW motor, you should configure 70KW × 5 = 350KW, consider UPS output power factor of 0.8, you should configure the UPS power of 225KW ÷ 08≈440KVA.
If, before the motor was equipped with inverter, inverter control the use of the starter motor will start the current limit to a lesser extent (1 to 1.25 times the rated current), which can reduce the ratio of the UPS. UPS belt drive, belt drive motor mode, it is recommended that the capacity ratio of UPS: Frequency Machine: Motor = 1.5: 1.25: 1. For 70KW motor can be configured 70 × 1.25 = 87.5KW drive configuration 70 × 1.5 ÷ 08 = 131KVA of UPS.
UPS input using ATS automatic transfer switch, powered by two-way mains. Under normal circumstances, ATS automatic transfer switch position a throw to the mains, the mains 1 as the main input power, mains input 2 as a backup power source. If a mains interruption, ATS automatic transfer switch will automatically switch to mains power supply 2 (switching time and ATS, generally for second grade); when power is restored after a mains, ATS automatically switch a power supply mains. Only in the case of mains 1 and 2 are both mains power failure UPS was powered by a battery.
Thus, ATS dual power input supply system UPS battery systems can reduce the number of discharges and discharge time, greatly provide the reliability of the system.
3. Information Center
For some companies the information center, recommended a dual-loop redundant UPS power supply system with a high degree of fault tolerance capability, you can eliminate the single point of failure risk.
UPS double-loop redundant power supply system, using two sets of three-three high-power UPS in 1 + 1 parallel redundant system output, as the load on the main power input, 1 channel mains (it can be the other way UPS) as the load apparatus standby power input. For dual-corded equipment, you can directly access the Road input, respectively, and from the UPS system and the mains circuits, improve power supply protection; for single-corded equipment, at its front end configuration KTS redundant switches, redundant switches utilize redundant I distribution function and improve reliability - redundant switch has two input terminals, an output terminal, as long as there is one input, the output will not be interrupted. This application, when the main circuit power supply system is interrupted, the load circuit is powered by the device switches to standby power; thus greatly improving the reliability of power supply load equipment, comprehensive protection for a variety of hardware devices across the enterprise's information center, run the program and data and transmit data.
4, recommended UPS power supply
To better address the needs of manufacturing companies, woqiquan launched Uranus (Uranus) Series Industrial UPS, the system uses advanced DSP chip as the core processor systems, specifically for the exchange of important information equipment manufacturing industry development and design center products. The whole machine adopts modular structure, easy installation, simple maintenance, and extremely quiet, very suitable for the installation in the Information Center.