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According DL5000-94 "power plant design technology point of order" and SDGJ-88 "power plant power plant design technical regulations" and other regulations, the capacity is 200MW and above the unit, the unit should be set up AC uninterruptible power supply. AC uninterruptible power supply should adopt the static inverter device. The output AC voltage using 220V, with a constant voltage and constant frequency performance, should ensure uninterrupted power supply after a power outage in the whole plant host run-down process.
Inverter is the DC energy into AC electrical energy, conventional power inverter is a DC motor - alternator set to achieve this energy conversion, and more by modern power inverter power semiconductor devices to achieve energy conversion and its advantages in size, weight, conversion effect, reliability, electrical properties and other aspects are much higher than the conventional inverter apparatus.
woqiquan 3000 series dedicated power UPS systems applicable to 220Vdc DC, AC 220Vac output capacity level from 1KVA to 80KVA, power output has been effectively purify, to meet demand for electricity in power plants, substations, power systems. AC and DC uninterruptible power system (UPS) is a rectifier, inverter, static switch, bypass systems, and batteries and other components of the composition.
Dedicated Power UPS works
UPS normal working condition is rectified AC input provides 220V AC power inverter after. The inverter output frequency, the phase synchronized with the bypass input voltage. When the AC input rectifier disappear or component failure, the power plant (substation) 220V (110V) DC system or battery power to the inverter by check diodes. When the inverter failure, when the output voltage is abnormal or overload, switch from a static bypass switch to power supply. Maintenance switch, mainly for the inverter and static switch maintenance, maintain uninterrupted power supply, work for before-break.
3000 series of power dedicated UPS Features:
Improve the quality of power supply
By isolating input and output as well as a double double conversion mode, it became the standard sine wave output voltage frequency stabilization, without the input power changes.
Mains failure protection
If the input power fails, UPS power system owned by the DC panel power supply (DC110 / 220V), load power without interruption.
Improve noise suppression
Due to the use of isolation transformers and AC --- --- straight orthogonal transformation mode, the input power of the noise is effectively filtered out, so that the load can get clean power.
Internal installation check diodes
UPS DC-DC bus between the input side and connected by a blocking diode prevents the DC bus voltage is higher than the high voltage DC input side and the DC-screen anti-irrigation, play a role in protecting the DC panel.
AC bus and the DC bus isolation
Completely shield the mutual influence of the exchange between the bus and the DC bus.
Delay soft start function
Delay has a complete soft-start function, can greatly reduce the impact on system startup device and the power grid.
High reliability of the system
The system uses dual transformer-isolated input and output, system reliability has been greatly improved to meet the requirements of the power system electrical isolation.
Intelligent digital control technology
Using DSP control chip, which has a high speed, handling, powerful, and has a perfect, advanced internal capabilities and improve the performance of the power supply control and protection systems.
Mitsubishi 5th generation intelligent use of highly efficient inverter technology module
Higher reliability, intelligent IGBT module internal design with multiple protection, inverter, work more efficiently.
Superior load characteristics
Fully meet the transition from 0-100% load, without having to switch to the bypass, and to protect the output stable and reliable.
Intuitive LED status indication: the power system failure, timely audible alarm signal.
System maintenance bypass transfer switch time
Synchronous tracking, no instantaneous power switching.
Humane Chinese large-screen LCD display
Chinese LCD display, through a good user interface, visual display UPS status information and parameter information.
Perfect protection function
Input and output over voltage protection, input surge protection, phase sequence protection, output overload protection and alarm functions a variety of system short-circuit protection, over temperature protection.
High-performance dynamic characteristics
Instantaneous feedback control using a variety of control methods and RMS, both to achieve a high dynamic adjustment, reducing the output voltage distortion.
Smart Communications
RS232 and RS485 communications port truly multi-purpose communications and remote monitoring. Optional dry contact interface, using passive contact to achieve the status of UPS monitoring.
Supports MODBUS protocol, all protocols are open to users; native real-time data recording, can be recorded for all of the test data, a fault condition.
Standard RS232 / RS485 communication interface.
Computer monitoring software.
Perfect protection function: reverse input protection, input under, overvoltage protection, output overload, short circuit protection, thermal protection; and to provide multi-channel
Dry contact output.
Standards compliant
Through the ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification
GB 1095-2000 Semiconductor convertors Application Guidelines
YD / T 777-1999 to communicate with an uninterruptible power supply (reference)
Q / SPS 115-2005 Series Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)