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The current state of the civil aviation system to use the UPS
1. The current status quo of the UPS
In 2009 a number of new Chinese civil aviation, airport expansion projects have been started; airline traffic maintained a rapid growth momentum; increasing route air traffic control system also put forward higher requirements, regional air traffic control center building rapidly advancing. In this want the background, China's civil aviation industry to accelerate the development of information technology, the scale of investment steadily, the further development of information technology to business applications in the depth direction, information technology application ability airports, airlines, air traffic control agency significantly enhanced, information systems to support the business development of the role of civil aviation has been effectively improved.
At present, China's civil aviation industry IT applications mainly in the following areas: Civil Aviation Air Traffic Control vigorously promote airspace management systems, flight planning management system, air traffic flow management systems, air traffic service systems, aeronautical information systems, meteorological services system, air tube automation systems, airports and runways dynamic management systems and other systems as the main content of the new generation of civil air traffic management system. Information technology major airline agent systems, e-commerce system, integrating existing IT resources, improve the management level. Airport departure information including system, baggage sorting systems, security information management system, automated broadcast systems.
Aviation is a special electrical system, there are two major IT power system should be foolproof: airport management and air traffic control. Airport runway management to high-speed operation of aircraft taking off and landing all-weather, would require precise scheduling and arrangements; the aircraft is in the air carrier's high-speed movement, the slightest mistake will air control plane crash. Therefore, these command and dispatch electricity devices will not allow the slightest mistake, so it's normal availability of electricity makes high demands.
In the civil aviation system, UPS is a must to ensure reliable power supply equipment, but no single UPS can not guarantee 100% of the power supply availability. Therefore, redundant configuration has become the preferred option. Whether the current air traffic control building, radar or beacon stations, almost all with a redundant UPS configuration, so that availability has been greatly improved.
2. UPS Use Problems
Aviation is both a very demanding system power requirements, but also a huge and costly electricity system. Alone the hundreds of airports using various UPS capacity is concerned, is a huge number. In other words, a little save a little on each airport is a huge number. UPS capacity is currently configured there are a lot of these places are unsatisfactory. For example, in many places, such as some beacon stations and other electrical equipment, power consumption less than 30% UPS unit capacity, and redundant hot standby mode or tandem structure, even if some places can take full advantage of the capacity, but because of the overload system poor, but also the reliability of the whole system is not raised too high. This promise is limited due to the prevailing conditions, may seek to modify the new airport construction.
As another example, in some vendors to 'double bus + STS redundant connections for maximum reliability' of the so-called "new product" and "new concept" strongly "recommended" under some of the new airport on the use of two UPS modules plus STS redundancy scheme. This is evident in the reliability of the double single redundancy scheme worst kind. Under the assumption that each unit consisting of system reliability are 0.99, the reliability is calculated based on: (a) the maximum system reliability (0.9999); (b) the system reliability, followed by (0.9998), the unreliability of (2 times a) system; (c) the system the worst (0.9996), the unreliability of 4 times (a) the system, more money also bought a larger area of low reliability of the system. Even in some places in the single parallel system has invested further increase the so-called "synchronizer" of new products, so as not to exceed the reliability of (a) the system more than a hundred times.
Structural features and solutions UPS
Structural features 1. UPS's
In this was woqiquan company Uranus (Uranus) Series Industrial UPS products for a brief introduction, because the use of these products in the civil aviation system has its great advantages. Uranus (Uranus) Series UPS is the most popular one of N + X modular redundant products. Such structures can be flexible Capacity, easy to manage and reduce redundant investments. But in terms of reliability and availability, "feature centralized redundant N + X parallel structure" was better than "control circuit and power module separate structure." For example, suppose MTBF all modules are 300000h, are for the next 4 + 1 module redundancy situation:
"The control circuit and power module separate structure" is 0.9877 system reliability (reliability of a "9"), availability 0.9999976.
Reliability "feature centralized redundant N + X parallel structure" system of 0.9903 (reliability 2 "9"), the availability of 0.9999985 (the former increased by 10%).
It can be seen that the performance of the latter than the former is much more superior. Of course, almost the same at first glance, but in fact, this little bit of difference in the reliability and availability will show different results. Moreover, the former bottleneck effect, while the latter does not; the former can not be independent of any one module UPS competent work, which each module is a separate UPS power supply; especially as a backup during which the former can only press the warehouse, while the latter can provisional application as a power source, to achieve the full advantage of the capabilities of materials, and the like.
2. High reliable power system solutions
As can be seen from the above discussion, with Uranus (Uranus) Series N + X redundant UPS can easily be changed to the original stand-alone single-cabinet configuration redundant configuration. As a result, not only reduces the footprint, but also to some of the original hot backup directly connected in series into a redundant parallel, reducing the volume, saving investment, improve the reliability and availability. Optimized cost.
When the larger capacity but less than 120kVA, available dual redundant backup 3A3 through the static switch STS. If at this time each UPS cabinet is 5 + 1 parallel, still based on the previous data, the reliability of the system is high, even higher availability. For example, start first by UPS2 power, even if the cabinet a module failure, due to the power supply is still normal, no STS switch, only two modules at the same time when you need to switch failures. In the maintenance period after switching 3A3UPS2, if Uranus (Uranus) series UPS1 in a UPS failure, due to the power supply is still normal, usual load power. Therefore, due to this redundancy insurance supply layers, it significantly improves the usability.