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With the rapid development of the national economy, the industry and constantly improve the technological level, the quality requirements for electrical equipment, power grids are increasingly high level of productivity of enterprises to provide more and more attention. Because the electricity grid connected with a variety of loads on the grid causing interference and contamination, deterioration of the quality of power supply, and because of the unstable mains supply voltage instability, under-voltage, high-voltage, short interruptions, etc. have occurred, affecting the normal operation of the load device, giving users a great loss.
CNC machine tools, precision mechanical and electrical industry due to the quality of electricity supply problems, often resulting in tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of component damage. The main reason for the production of machine tools due to problems caused by the loss of power in three ways:
1, mains undervoltage, causing the front causing equipment distribution equipment protection trip, production equipment can not work continuously.
2, trip, causing the load suddenly interrupted, resulting in loss of production. Therefore, we must solve the case of power-voltage and power outages in order to avoid this unnecessary loss.
3, power harmonic interference can cause decreased precision CNC equipment, lower yields, and therefore, after the new UPS power system equipment, can lead to serious harmonic interference.
Core equipment 1) production of power transmission equipment is CNC machine tools, the head surgeon of this device will be damaged by the sudden interruption of power, a loss of about $ 50,000.
2) causes a sudden interruption of customer equipment work is the power quality problems --- voltage instability, namely voltage, under-voltage caused by a sudden increase in current, open space load increases, leading to CB trip (client open space capacity has large enough).
--------- This requires solutions to provide stable and reliable UPS uninterruptible power supply for the customer's equipment.
3) customer equipment for machine tools, there are more than powerful motor inside, especially the spindle head drive motor power up to 30KVA, start instant impact of current is 3-5 times after the start, rushing load is high.
--------- This requires solutions for equipment used must have a strong impact load strike capability, but also strong overload.
4) machine tools are used to process customer power transmission equipment, and therefore require very high precision, not because of the interference caused by harmonic machining accuracy.
--------- Solve harmonic solutions generated by the equipment to be small, can not affect other devices.
Solution guiding ideas:
For the above analysis, we propose our customers power quality solutions must be able to meet the above four requirements:
1, can bring about significant improvement in efficiency;
2, can effectively solve the power supply voltage, power outages and other circumstances;
3, suitable for machine tools with impact load, can be stable and reliable work;
4, the harmonic to be small, can not affect other equipment.
The purpose of the construction of the UPS system is powered by the UPS system to supply sophisticated equipment to provide high-quality electrical equipment, uninterruptible power supply, to ensure the normal operation of electrical equipment. UPS uninterruptible power supply system can solve power outages, voltage spikes, voltage surges, frequency drift, harmonic interference, over the poor quality of the mains power supply equipment for the harm caused by the front-end voltage, voltage fluctuations and noise voltage.
Prostar recommended Uranus (Uranus) Series Industrial UPS, the product uses the industry's highest DSP control technology, is a global leader in the application of this technology. And input and output are all-digital PWM drive technology, has the advantage of a similar input power, input harmonic current is less than 3%, no device parameter drift aging, temperature drift, correct trigger anti-jamming capability eliminates the need for analog control, mean time between failures of products up to 300,000 hours. N for high reliability requirements electromechanical industry, Uranus (Uranus) Series Industrial UPS also has a digital control + a master-slave parallel technology can exponentially improve the reliability of power supply system. And with online expansion, online service, a key to boot, battery capacity self-diagnostics, automatic discharge activation function, using a unique combination of lightning protection devices consisting of heat release technology C-class lightning protection box, can protect 20,000 amps the lightning current, input voltage reaches a wider range of -45% to + 15%, is the ideal choice for power protection of electrical and mechanical equipment. In the branches of the central office, using 60 ~ 200KVA UPS power supply centralized approach has been widely accepted.