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With China's reform and opening up in recent years, the constant influx of foreign banks in China have brought a certain impact on the financial industry, market, triggering a new round of demand for infrastructure and IT hardware investments. While the global financial crisis is still untold bottomed today, but China's financial industry in the global financial market performance can be described as "the scenery here is fine." With the gradual promotion of the economic stimulus plan, the rapid expansion of bank credit, which will undoubtedly help the overall performance of China's banking industry.
Stable, reliable, clean power is the financial industry network equipment continuous, normal, an important prerequisite for efficient operation. Power protection needs of the financial sector in the financial industry network equipment branches (such as charge d'affaires, savings) and other general office environment, there may be 10-30 or so a PC, about 2 PC servers, several terminals, network printer (some may server with external), CD-ROM or CD-ROM library tower, external hard drives and other devices to form a local area network is not large, but the system as well as fax machines, photocopiers and small telephone switches and other equipment.
The business center of financial institutions, such as the clearing bank data center, there are a large number of medium-sized mainframe computers and machines, minicomputers, servers and other equipment, consisting of LAN via DDN line or fiber optic backbone network connection, bank business. Most financial network using public electricity, especially in the branch distribution point spread, often adjacent to large factories or populated areas, grid environment is relatively complex. Users most likely to perceive the power problem is power outages, followed by the mains voltage is too low or too high, these power failure will directly lead to the LAN switches, routers, servers and data storage, and other devices can not work continuously. While others, such as power surges, the line noise, harmonic distortion, frequency drift, transient spikes, waveform intermittent power failure, etc., although imperceptible customers, but more frequently they occur, greatly increasing the data transmission network system error rate, resulting in a serious decline in network data transfer rates, enabling customers to reach the network design requirements. The transient spikes caused by lightning, high voltage pulse, etc. will result in power supplies, disks, hard drives and other hardware damage, while the LAN, the value of the stored data is usually much higher than that of the hardware costs.
The Prostar company's own production of Uranus (Uranus) Series Industrial UPS for the protection of the financial networks to large settlement center-based, the product uses the industry's highest DSP control technology, is a global leader in the application of this technology. And input and output are all-digital PWM drive technology, has the advantage of a similar input power, input harmonic current is less than 3%, no device parameter drift aging, temperature drift, correct trigger anti-jamming capability eliminates the need for analog control, mean time between failures of products up to 300,000 hours. N for the high reliability requirements of financial industry, Uranus (Uranus) Series Industrial UPS also has a digital control + a master-slave parallel technology can exponentially improve the reliability of power supply system. And with online expansion, online service, a key to boot, battery capacity self-diagnostics, automatic discharge activation function, using a unique combination of lightning protection devices consisting of heat release technology C-class lightning protection box, can protect 20,000 amps the lightning current, input voltage reaches a wider range of -45% to + 15%, is the ideal choice for large-scale settlement center power protection. In the branches of the central office, using 10 ~ 20KVA UPS concentrated medium power supply mode has been widely accepted.
In order to effectively improve system reliability, generally use the dual power supply hot backup or parallel. Uranus (Uranus) Series Industrial UPS medium-capacity UPS products fully balanced three-phase power input side of the load, the output of 220V directly available to the user, to avoid trouble three-phase load distribution. This series of products using DSP digital control technology, the environment for China's power grid wide voltage input, phase work technology, comprehensive lightning protection technology can extend the life of 50% of the smart battery management technology, especially for LAN servers, critical power protection equipment NMS, network center switches.
Some LAN users believe that scattered small power UPS can use back-up and other low-end products to save investment. However, off-line UPS products, whether interactive or back-up, and basically unable to suppress power pollution spread to network equipment. Interactive UPS in case of the above network environment, easy to frequently switch between mains and battery status, leading to hidden faults of the UPS. And interactive UPS input power factor depends entirely on the load power factor, harmonic pollution on the grid. Therefore, the choice of low-power UPS should also be able to fully eliminate the power of choice for pollution-line UPS products. Long delay for the domestic market unique products, should pay attention to the performance of the selected UPS battery management products. For users actually use the most important elements of battery management, first discharge termination protection - because UPS should be based on actual discharge rate, automatic adjustment protection point, otherwise the fixed point set protection will lead to UPS battery by over-discharge damage; secondly, UPS should be able to ensure that the battery energy recovery, which requires a large enough UPS battery charger charging capability, the best are floating with the ability to control and temperature compensation; and finally, on the basis of the above design ensure the proper use of the battery, some of the battery capacity, fault determination, also provides a convenient portion for use on the user