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Large-scale production equipment and information technology projects require high reliability. In addition to the use of reasonable distribution design, redundant power supply, but also by using the latest technology to meet the needs of the UPS industry with high reliability. In many occasions, in addition to the configuration generator as a back-up energy, but some users will configure dual mains input. All upstream supply will access ATS system, after entering the mine and other aspects of low-voltage distribution systems. Air conditioning as well as downstream of UPS systems and other electrical equipment from low voltage distribution system to take power. UPS systems ensure high reliability of power supply load and machine by the way. In addition, you can LBS (Load bus synchronization load bus synchronization) between the two UPS systems to achieve real-time synchronization tracking mode, thereby switching systems through the application of STS single input important way to ensure high reliability of the load. In addition, dual-input load, it can be powered by a dual AC power distribution system, dual power supply from a different UPS systems.
Recommended for customers Industrial UPS N + X redundancy and centralized power and high reliability solution:
1 worldwide, Industrial UPS's ability to adapt to the environment are the strongest. Where space is usually installed in small, hard to reach air circulation, which is why the design of industrial type UPS has a particularly large key semiconductor formation, such as IGBT, rectifier and a heat sink.
2. Industrial UPS requires the ability to run at high ambient temperatures give special design considerations. Design components must accommodate the operational requirements of industrial environments, should be able to withstand the changing needs of a variety of critical load. For this reason, Industrial UPS are equipped with redundant fans can be monitored systems.
3. Industrial UPS system in the non-redundant mode is also very typical: a dedicated distribution system power supply module, power supply bypass is the only backup. Power modules also tend to be more smaller, in part because of the need for industrial applications has been adjusted only power the entire load. Instrumentation and process control, PLC or critical need to protect these critical items to ensure that the current state is not stored or lost. Thus protecting the downstream portion of the power that controlled the resulting even less.
4. Industrial UPS systems designed components design margin will increase, so the UPS system will run in a typical industrial environment, there are more than 300,000 hours MTBF. Industrial UPS users, such as power plants. UPS will usually design life of 20 to 30 years. UPS petrochemical industry working life of about 10 to 15 years.
5, industrial-type UPS is made of good quality and at least 2mm thick steel plate. To better protect the equipment in which UPS, will brush the surface of the chassis on a thick layer of special protective coating. Typically Industrial UPS power and control components in terms of moisture and pollution can reach IP30 or IP32 standards. Can do even better performance IP51.
6, in addition to the industrial environment temperature, humidity instability, a large amount of airborne dust; surge power lines, the peak subsidence and other adverse situation is more serious; and loads more, including inductive (inductors, transformers, etc.) load, capacitive load fluctuations and the impact of peak loads. Therefore, the industrial type UPS is worse physical environment, but also harsh power environments, more severe load conditions. Therefore, heavy industrial type design ensures UPS UPS higher than the business-type performance. For example: In order to adapt to the harsh physical environment, using a special protective coating, heavy-duty steel chassis.
7, in addition to temperature and humidity problems, but also consider the surrounding air, the surrounding air may contain corrosive factors, a long time may reduce the transformers, circuit boards and closing performance. Industrial UPS components and wiring. Or coated with a layer of glue to the reactance components and wiring defense against harsh environmental damage the UPS, or with a dedicated air filter.
Given the importance of large-scale production equipment and information technology projects recommended Prostar Uranus (Uranus) three-three series Industrial UPS and Neptune (Neptune) three single out series Industrial UPS 1 + 1 and machine program.
Centralized power and 1 + 1 parallel program advantages:
1, the centralized power of the economy: you can see, UPS is the average price per KVA capacity decreases with the increase, in other words, the same size of the exchange system, using centralized power saving investment funds tend to be more dispersed than the supply.
2, centralized power and high reliability: With the increase of UPS capacity, high-capacity UPS reliability than small capacity and reliability.
3, centralized power to make a more rational distribution planning, reducing installation space, easy maintenance and management.
4,1 + 1 and machine systems for the transportation industry to provide important load system with high reliability power supply systems, 1 + 1 parallel system reliability is a stand-alone 5.5 times, reliability has been significantly improved

And machine program
MTBF for multiple stand-alone

5, such a system has excellent openness and good-looking, future expansion and upgrading of the system will become very convenient. With the growth in the customer's business, when the load equipment for expansion, and the only existing systems for expansion can be, without having to create a new UPS system, thus corresponding cost savings for customers and still maintaining high reliability of the power supply system.