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Electricity has now become an integral part of human life an important part of a moment, once the blackout, power shortages, will not only bring huge economic losses, but also seriously affect the daily lives of various people. In recent years, due to the power shortage caused by the "shortage" phenomenon has become an important factor in promoting the rapid expansion of China's power industry; various power plants (thermal power, hydropower, nuclear power, diesel power plants, peaking power plants, etc.) in all over the country a large number of construction. According to the national authorities predict that the power industry in 2010, will be the country to invest in a hot industry. From 2005 onwards, will be expected to invest in a new country every year two nuclear power plants. In the near future, the investment for Chinese investment in the construction of the power plant, it is learned there may be up to 600 billion yuan.
With the rapid development of the power of information technology, in order to take full advantage of the latest technological achievements of information technology and network technology development, and promote the power industry, information technology, automated management processes to speed development by leaps and bounds, the power companies are in a planned development and construction companies in the production of automatic monitoring system, information resource management systems and remote networking scheduling and communication technologies.
woqiquan company as the industry as a whole to-end integrated solution provider in the industry, the market the past several years, the electricity industry has a profound understanding of the market. So we think, from the application perspective, the present, and gradually expand the range of applications of information from the operating level to the network, the integration of a new stage of development of integrated applications. First, the network management is imperative. In order to give full play to the potential of the country's largest power plant, to truly become available to end users have a "high availability" of the power grid supply system, whether a reasonable and timely and accurate management and scheduling all sorts run the power grid is a measure of the level of an important symbol of modern management of the level of the power industry.
From the current power dispatching network, the network consists of five electric power dispatching scheduling management system components, followed by six regional dispatch National Power Dispatching and Communication Center, the regional power grid dispatch center (northeast, north, northwest, central, east, south, etc. Center), located in the capital city of the provincial power grid dispatching centers, regional dispatch center is located in the provincial and municipal as well as county dispatch center. As for the Power Information Network is concerned, it is completely independent of the electric power dispatching network data information network, and "physical isolation" of a set of these five power dispatch management system supporting the information and communication and power dispatching network is and network management systems. Its main task, the power industry is mainly responsible for the operation of the internal scheduling management, electricity market trading, electricity metering and billing, enterprise information management and business office.
In order to ensure "the integration of conservation and management" to achieve, woqiquan company for the power industry to provide "end to end" integrated total solution needed to protect and manage the full range of power equipment. They include: the large double-conversion online UPS, inverters, solar photovoltaic power systems, power plants can be fully applied to important sites, information centers, substations, dispatch center. Special emphasis is, taking into account the characteristics of the power industry applications, woqiquan company is also equipped with specially designed for power plant dedicated UPS "3000 series power dedicated UPS power", the series can ensure complete electrical isolation entire UPS system and electricity grid ; at the same time, the product can be directly related to the user's existing battery-powered systems (DC220V / 110V DC-screen system) matches using a three-phase or single-phase 380/220 volt input, three-phase or single-phase 380/220 volt output the high-power uninterruptible power supply.
With the above power protection equipment and computer room, can be composed to meet the various needs of the power industry with the "integration of the room to protect," the power to configure the system. Including standby generators, automatic switching system, AC power distribution system, AC uninterruptible power systems, sophisticated distribution center systems, DC uninterruptible power systems, lightning and surge protection systems, computer room environment control system, power equipment and environment monitoring systems.
To better address the special needs of electricity in the control room, woqiquan company launched a 3000 series of power dedicated UPS and Uranus (Uranus) Series Industrial UPS, DPS system uses advanced chip as the core processor systems, specifically for the power industry is important exchange of equipment, such as backstage machine, hub console (screen), RTU, transmitters, communications equipment, monitoring equipment, emergency lighting and other product development and design. The machine adopts the industry's most sophisticated traditional double conversion architecture (VFI), all have high reliability, and extremely fast transient response. woqiquan 3000 series of power dedicated UPS and Uranus (Uranus) Series Industrial UPS design is very simple, easy to maintain, and extremely quiet, very suitable for the installation in the computer room.
3000 series of power dedicated UPS is the actual situation of the domestic grid, according to the customer's office automation trends to fine quality, excellent performance and user-friendly operation for the design
3000 series of power dedicated UPS Main features:
▲ true double conversion online design structure: can effectively eliminate all interference from the power grid to provide the purest and most complete power protection for critical loads.
▲ advanced IGBT power devices: high efficiency, stable performance, greatly ensure the reliability and stability of the system is running.
▲ LCD LCD: Provides a variety of status information, UPS operating status at a glance.
▲ N + X redundancy parallel technology: high reliability; a parallel system without any additional cabinet; the parallel operation of the system implemented by the internal microprocessor; no master-slave system uses current-mode, high-precision load sharing.
▲ With the optional SNMP network adapter, network monitoring capabilities.